Pike Brewing Pale Ale & Naughty Nellie's

After a couple dry days, I’m back to supplying my neurons the daily beer-lubrication they demand; I’m celebrating my short, but exultant existence once again with the finest embodiments of zeal for life ever bottled and capped. That’s how I like to look at it.

Seattle's Pike Brewing was the subject of my latest beer adventure. I tried their Pale Ale and a beer they call Naughty Nellie’s ale. The Pale Ale is richly malty, with a deep, peaty lining. It’s a satisfying beer with a strong round flavor. I couldn’t help but compare it though, to Fish Tale’s Pale Ale, which I tried last week, and makes Pikes seem disappointing. Pike’s Pale Ale lacks the freshness and the purity of flavors that make Fish Tale’s so hard to match. This isn’t a fair, head to head comparison, and you’d do yourself no harm facing these beers off for yourself - preferably with someone you love. This is a serious business.

Naughty Nellie’s is a “crisp, refreshing session beer,” according to the label. It’s mildly hopped and fruity with yeast. I enjoyed this beer more than Pike’s Pale Ale as well. Naughty Nellie would be a perfect August afternoon companion for sitting on the porch listening to the ball game. The color’s great too. It’s golden yellow with a little hint of pure white cloud.

The name, according to Nellie’s packaging, honors Nellie Curtis, who ran a “bawdy house” in the Pike Brewery building during WWII. It must be an auspicious building to go from production of one indispensable carnal pleasure to the other. Pike Brewing Co. also makes an IPA and a Scotch ale they call Kilt Lifter that I’ll try at the brewery next time I’m in Seattle.


Blogger steveo babbert said...

thanks for the insigt into naugty nellie's I probably should have taken the time to read the label. oh, and beware the kilt lifter, it's some high octane shit! I remember it being sub par, but I've always thought that beer could not really work above six and a half percent booze, but then I tried Mirror Mirror. If you havent had this shit yet bridger you beter hit the streets. it comes in 22's and it like five bucks, but hey you can't even get a drink in the bar for five anymore ehh.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

I'm actually drinking Pike IPA right now - it's not as stellar as I remember it, but its quite a solid beer. I have a weak spot for Kilt Lifter - especially in the wake/decline of Grant's Scottish. Kilt Lifter can do bad things to you. I don't wear a kilt, but I have behaved similarly on many an occasion with this beer.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Chuwy said...

Naughty Nellie is on tap in Tokyo right now and I think after reading this, I may just pop out and get me some. Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers.

8:11 AM  

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