Trinity Red Ale

Trader Joe's sells some mysterious beers. Trinity Red Ale was $4.99, a buck or two less than local micros they sell. Beer Advocate says that Trinity is brewed by Goose Island Brewery in Chicago under a special marketing agreement. Strange. It's good for the price. It has a little chocolate malt taste that reminds me of Seaf's Stout, one of my favorite comfort beers, and a nice hop aroma without the cooked-in bitterness plus a little rye. I had second thoughts about buying it when I got up to the check stand. The clerk had to assure me that it was ok. I veiw the generic six-packs at Joe's with some suspition. My buddy Patrick bought a batch that was bad - the fist sip almost made him loose his lunch.


Blogger Bess said...

Enjoyed your comments on Trinity Ale, a favorite of mine. Hell, I enjoyed your disclaimer. Would you be interested in a Hofbrau House stein, n/c or nothin' just looking to unload it. Its from the 70s when my MUCH older sister lived there and she uhm...made a traveler of it one fateful night. I would give it to the ex but he's already taken enough. Let me know-B

3:15 PM  
Blogger Bridger said...

Thanks for the encourgement. I'm glad to see you're writing your own blog too. Nothing satasfies me like blathing some random shit about my life to the world. You're stein sounds nice too, but I live half a continent away. Let me know when you have something in the way of a lucative job for me drinking beer.

10:49 PM  
Blogger Bess said...

Sorry, I'm taking the gig that comes along involving beer drinking. I get calls from survey folks but its always about detergent or some boring ass shit. Not to be a pill but I would still send the German souvenir. I consider it recycling and finding it the right home.

11:41 AM  

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