Walking Man Brewery

The Walking Man brewery is in Stevenson, WA in the Columbia River Gorge. The brewery and pub are on First St, a block from the river, in a converted house. The second story may still be lived in, but the first floor is a resurant and brewery. Walking Man is locally famous for Homo Erectus and the Knuckle Dragger. Jen, Patrick, Fefe and I tried about everything they have. Here's their numbered beer list with ABV. I didn't get a picture of the Brown ale, but it reminded Pat of Rogue's brown. The beer pictures are labeled with the number that matches the menu, so you can tell what each is. The delicate balance of flavors in Walking Man;s beers really make them stand out amoung real micros. Thier brewers do an excelant job. A definite taste theme runs through all of the Walking Man beers. I think it might be a particular blend of malt, but I really don't know. In a world of overbuilt marketing, Walking Man is refreshing in its authenticity. The setting is specatular, but the beers are the main attraction. I've never had an Imperial Stout, and have nothing to compare it to, but it's an unforgetable expirience, unless you have more than a couple, then things become completely forgettable. The waitress, I'll call her Marleen, must have had fears for my own fidelity of memory as she unforgiably delayed my IPA. That kind of thing ruins the party. Perhaps I was being particuarly obnoxious, maybe she didn't like my looks, or more likely, Marleen took offence when I ordered a Homo Erectus for my "partner." In rual Washington, if you act "funny" you're probably a "homo." And that ain't good. Now, how could anyone mistake a model of masulinity such as myself for a limp-wristed sausage hound? I don't know but I'm off to the gym to work out some frustration and chisel some buns.

OK, I'm not gay, I'm married. But Marleen really struck my homo nerve.


Blogger steveo babbert said...

If I got to go to walking man brewery I'd be gay for the rest of the day

9:47 AM  
Blogger Bridger said...

Yeah, we were all gay until Patrick sprained his foot. I think there's a lesson in this.

3:06 PM  

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