PBR, the taxman, Blooms & Brews, and Session Lager

We paid our Multnomah county tax a couple weeks ago. I thought that the tax had expired, but apparently it had one more year. At least it's a local tax, and I know it's probably more important for kids to get a little educated than for me to drink yummy beer, but as I slurp my PBR I feel increasingly jealous of my earnings. This shit tastes like the end of the world.

Tomorrow's the date for Blooms and Brews beer festival at the Oregon Garden in Silverton. Felecia has to work, so I'm working my buddy Sally's shift at the airport so she can enjoy the beer for me. I hope she chokes on a thick hefe (jus' kidding Sally).

I've been spoiling myself with so many good micros lately that Pabst was a real shocking disappointment to my system. It's not bad, it's just nothing. It tastes like the void, it takes twelve to make me ready for bed. But I prefer a lager to an equivalent pils. I think it's a style that could use more exploration, though it's too light to be a darling of the craft beer audience. I was happy to see Full Sail's Session won recognition in the Cream Ale/Lager category at the World Beer Cup in Seattle(5.1 ABV!). It's a lager that's great enough to make me buy PBR when I'm broke - and hate it.

Here's a picture form the archives. This makes me depressed, I'm switching to tea.


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