Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel

Happy May Day. May your pay be fair,and your employment gainful. I think beer is the ultimate worker's beverage.

Tonight I report on a beer shipped to me across the sea from my ancestors' homeland. Ayinger Brewery in Munich, Bavaria sells three beers at Fred's down the street that have been on sale the last few weeks for less than $3. Altbairisch Dunkel is a lager and the first that I've tried, I think the other two are wheat beers. It's described as an "Authentic Bavarian Dark Lager," for which I must take their word. It's dark with a touch of amber, sweetly malty, and smells and tastes like the threshing floor. The flavors are interesting and the overall effect is smooth and perfect. I actually drank this beer about two weeks ago and passed it over in the blog because I had so much to write about. In solidarity with the immigrant workers' demonstrations today I'm staying home from the beer store. Having no money also lessens the temptation. The last immigrant in my family to this country was my great-grand father in 1925, not too long ago. His people were Bravarian farmers and Brewers. I wonder if the beers they made tasted anything like Ayinger?


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