Fish Tale's Orgainc IPA and Amber Ale

The Fish Brewing Co. is my new brewery of allegiance. I enjoyed their IPA and Amber the last couple nights. The IPA was the first down the hatch on Tuesday night. It could be that I was feeling particularly parched, but it was divine nectar on my tongue. Full bodied with an articulately defined hop bitter. The first impression was of a pinnacle of craft, agriculture, and biological symbiosis (we keep the yeasties warm, then they keep me warm). But Fish Tale’s amber ale was even better. It’s a little smokey and the malt is uniquely perfect. I’m curious to see how others have described it, but I don’t like to read reviews before my report to you.

Fish Tale is brewed in Olympia, “in the Republic of Cascadia,” which is where the salmon can swim. The ingredients listed on the packaging are water, organic barley, Centennial and Pacific Gem hops in the IPA, and Santiam and Hallertaur hops for the amber. Those sound like fine ingredients for beer. I can’t wait to try them at the brewery someday.

I’d like to compare Fish Tale’s IPA with Wolaver’s, my other favorite organic. I tremble in anticipation of The North American Organic Brewer's Festival in June that will afford the opportunity. The festival is first come first serve for brewery spots, so it should be a nano-brew orgy.


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