Alt, not Kolsch at Laurelwood

I've enjoyed a beer style called Kolsch this summer that I had been completely oblivious to. Alaskan Summer Ale is a great example, and both Mcmenamins and Roots made seasonals this summer that I couldn't resist. I'll leave it to Jeff at Beervana to explain its history, but I will testify on behalf of its lustrous gold to orange color, drinkability, and unique roundness that is thick like milk and tastes like bread and citrus.

But summer's gone.

Last night Felecia and I rinsed out our growler and walked to Laurelwood in hopes of trying their Fresh Hopped Kolsch. I read recently, on a blog that now alludes me, that guys at Laurelwood drove south in the Willamette valley and picked up a truckload of fresh hops which they rushed back to the brewery to transform into beer that very same day. This little story is very exciting for me, and I longed to enjoy the exploits of their hops odyssey.

But to get to the point of this story; the Kolsch is all gone. We heard that the Laurelwood pub on Sandy is out too. Instead we got their new seasonal, an alt they call Sticke Altbier. It's dark red, roasted tasting, hardy, and bitter. It's great.


Blogger Jeff Alworth said...

It's obvious I have not been making the rounds enough lately (or blogging, for that matter). Yeah, kolshes are great beers, aren't they? A well made version may possibly be the ideal summer beer. Alas, the skies tell me the moment for that beer has passed.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Stockton said...

Hi guys - i read your blog regulary and just wanted to say - great job. Even though my blog covers Yorkshire, England; we still manage to get some decent kolches here; the main ones we enjoy regulary are Dom and Kupper's; and yes, a kolsch makes an ideal summer beer.

6:51 AM  

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