Lucky Lab House Ale Board

Here's the NW Lab's beer board as of last night, September 19.

If you stop in, the cask No Pity Pale Ale is awesome.

They have a new single hop IPA, Willamette. There's also a new "Dogtoberfest Lager" on the menu that's not available yet. It's subtle appearance must constitute the new beer's pre-product launch ad campaign. @ Lucky Lab marketing team: way to start the hype.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woooooord. I have a half barrel of the No Pity. It is devastatingly great. I could live on an IV drip. LONG LIVE NORTHWEST MICROBREWS.
I can not imagine it being better, but know the cask must be. I can't wait.

2:27 PM  
Blogger markali52 said...

I have to agree this an awesome brew, a local brewers near where I live have a brew similar they call it black cat, it is the strongest beer I have tasted and they actually restrict the sale of it. I took a Ryanair Cheap Flights to Cork last week and I have to say that the guiness in Ireland tastes a whole lot better than anywhere else, I conclude that local ales, beers, lager taste better when brewed locally and not shipped around.

3:54 AM  

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