Drinking with Daren

EDIT 6.24.06: Daren told me today that Roots Summer Soltice Kolsch Release party is indefinitely postponed due to lack of Kolsch. I'll let you know when I hear more.

If you live in the Portland area you should check out an excellent public access show called Drinking with Daren. He goes around to local breweries and beer festivals, samples the beer and talkes to the brewmasters. I think he's a genius; imagine all the free beer. A Google search for the show yields disappointing results but Daren's my MySpace friend, which makes me really cool. You can checkout his profile or drop him a line. Right now he' promoting Roots Organic Brewing Summer Soltice and Kolsch Release party and at their brewery at 1520 SE 7th Ave. in Portland on Friday, June 30th. Roots is one of my very favorite breweries and great proponants of craft beer and organic brewing. Make an appearance and maybe you'll end up on Daren's show.

"Drinking with Daren revisited" is on every Tuesday at 10pm and Thursdays at 11pm on comcast channel 21.

Here's the schedule for brand-new episodes of Daren's show for the next few weeks.

"Drinking with-out Daren" Fred Eckhardts 80th B-Day
Fri 6/23 7:30pm comcast channel 21
Sun 6/25 5:00pm comcast channel 21
Thur 6/29 6:30pm comcast channel 21
Sat 7/01 7:30pm comcast channel 11

"Drinking with Daren" Pub crawl
Sun 6/25 9:00pm comcast channel 21
Tue 6/27 11:00pm comcast channel 21
Sat 7/01 11:00pm comcast channel 21
Thur 6/29 10:00pm comcast channel 11

"Drinking with Daren" 2006 Spring beer and wine fest
Thur 6/29 11:00pm comcast channel 21
Sun 7/02 4:00pm comcast channel 21
Wed 7/05 9:30pm comcast channel 21
Thur 6/29 6:00pm comcast channel 11


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey daren, if you need another beer drinker to join ya. I know my beers very well. Mac N Jac and Arogant Bastard are my favorite beers. My email address is fisherjosh1985@msn.com

I'm right across the river in Vancouver Washington

12:26 AM  
Blogger ThePurpleSeal said...

Hi there,

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5:53 AM  

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