BridgePort Supris & NW Lucky Labrador

BridgePort Supris took me a bit to warm up to, but after a couple tries I can see it becoming a constant summer companion, like barbeques, sunburns, and brassmonkeys down by the river. Maybe it’s because the weather’s warm and I just got back from riding my "authentic" Peugeot 10 speed, but today its bright yellow color and sunny character seem about perfect. It makes me feel nostalgic for a summer paradise that’s a mix of all my favorite mental associations. Just imagine…

Felecia and I had three pints at the new NW Lucky Lab yesterday when we discovered something similar, an impossibly yellow Summer Ale; the yellow-est thing I’ve ever seen. Supris shares a similar dry, yeasty fruit flavor, and both have some subtle spice, but it lacks Labrador Summer Ale’s full wheat finish. Supris is sour and satisfying. I admit to trying one with lemon; don’t do it, it tastes good but covers up the intricate flavors that taste like the spring breeze blowing in my window, or something else they show in a commercials for fabric softener.

We’ve been hitting the new Lucky Lab on NW Quimby all we can (like ghetto booty) the last week or so. It’s no great departure from the one on Hawthorne. There are some good pictures of the place on Personal Telco. Pints are $2.50 on Tuesdays and the tapmaster told me all the beers they serve are brewed in the building. It’s the sweetest thing that’s ever happened to me; I’m considering quitting my job so I can wash dishes there.

The guest tap at the Lab is still regular price Tuesday. Right now they have Hop Rod Rye from Bear Republic that's worth an extra buck for a try.


Blogger Alise said...

I am a relentless steam engine...didn't you know? Raw meat is very much at risk, in all circumstances literally and figuratively, in girl form and me.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Bridger said...

ah, yes. but so out of context.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Felecia said...

Lucky Labrador moving into the city's northwestern quadrant,just might, quite possibly, be the best thing thats happened to our neighborhood in a long time.

To good beer, all the time.

Thankyou Lucky Labrador.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Jeff Alworth said...

Thank God you guys are patronizing Lab NW. I think it will only gather strength as more people find it. (And odd that you're reviewing it just now, too. Looks like we're on the same beerlength.)

8:50 PM  

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