Deschutes Inversion v. Lagunitas IPA

I little while back Felecia and I rolled up our sleeves for a tough task inspired by Laurelwood's great drinker's choice IPA-off. We conducted a back to back comparison of those especially strong and hoppy IPAs from Deschutes and Lagunitas. Like the Special Olympics, there are no losers in such a contest, unless you spill. Inversion is slightly darker than Lagunitas and has a denser flavor of both malt and hops. The hops bitter is very similar, with a little more aroma from Deschutes. Overall I preferred Deschutes at the time of tasting, but this reflects my mood and preferences rather than quality. I enjoy a little hops receptor over-stimulation sometimes. Although Lagunitas IPA is not as explosive on the tongue, it's no less a fine beer. It's rich and satisfying in a more understated way, while remaining totally fresh and delicate tasting. Overall, the similarities between these brews outweigh their differences.

Felecia and I enjoyed a near perfect combination six-pack after a single night backpacking trip on the Salmon River trail near Zig Zag, Oregon this week. The combo is just three Deschutes Obsidian Stout and three Inversion IPA, two of the beers that make Deschutes stand out among the big Oregon craft breweries in my mind. It's hard to beat the over-the-top flavors combined in symphonic ratio in both of these beers.

Black Butte Porter is probably Deschutes' most well known ale, but its chocolaty perfection is thicker and meaner in the stout, which I would bet on in a knife fight. Inversion might be the grassiest hay-bail in a bottle to be so widely distributed; surely a service humankind.

Larry Sidor, I swear you're not a giant douche, that was crass, and mistaken.


Blogger Andy said...

I just had the last of a sixer of inversion last night and I'm not sold on it just yet. It's ok, but not stand-out. Lagunitas on the other hand does the job 5 nights out of seven. It has a distinct hop profile and delivers that noble hop punch when I need it.

7:20 AM  
Blogger Bridger said...

Sounds like you know what you like.
I find my tastes change quickly (and the beers often taste a little different, maybe its what's on my tongue, or its age), but I'd enjoy either of those beers anytime.

I just got back from a trip to Montana where I attended a riverside engagement party with its own unexpected kegs. So after finishing the Headstrong Pale Ale we'd brought in a cooler I drank keg PBR for the rest of the night, marginalizing the other 12 generic maros that we later gave away at a fishing access before catching a flight home.

The guy we gave it to was at work and told us, "I'm not supposed to carry alcohol in a state vehicle, but I will." and I said, "It's just cheap beer, it's not good, but it's not bad either."

I guess I probably would have accepted it too, but if it was Inversion... that would be something.

3:16 PM  
Blogger markali52 said...

I have to agree, my tastes change to where I am, if out in a local bar or pub there beers are fine, at home I prefer pilsner unless I am out in the back on the cast aluminium garden furniture I prefer guiness on the patio but bud in the garden, especislly if I am lazing.

3:59 AM  

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