Lucky Lab Beer Hall Update

As of last week the Lucky Labrador Beer Hall on NW Quimby in Portland is serving fresh batches of Five Ton Strong Ale and Superdog. All the beer served at the Quimby Beer Hall is brewed on site in small quantities so selection is highly variable.

I'd like to find out the magnitude of smallness that might describe the Lab's production. Does anybody know? Somethings are easily quantified, like volume or various other numbers and attributes used to describe beer and brewing. Goodness is more subjective but I would guess, “highly good” is a fitting designation for the Lab's beers.

Five Ton Strong, named after the industrial lift hanging from the hall's ceiling and served in a 10 oz. goblet, is sweet with a dark amber color and a slightly caramel taste. It's very smooth for its punch; I still found it refreshing during our summer heatwaves. Served, it looks like an overfilled glass of brandy. The new batch is notably darker in color and a little more bitter. Superdog has apparently increased its alc/vol. From 6.0 to 6.4. I haven't tried the new, Super[charged]Dog, but I'll probably give it a go tomorrow when its only $2.50.

The Lucky Lab's website hasn't been updated since the '80s and the beers listed aren't very accurate, at least for the NW location. I need to take a picture of the chalkboard next time I'm in, but for now here's some of the beers they might have from the top of my head:

Macleay's Summer Ale
Blue Dog
Single Hop IPA - Cascade
Five Ton Strong Ale
Stumptown Porter
Black Lab Stout
(?) Pilsner
No Pity Pale Ale (this one's organic)

hmm, what else...

Reggie's Red (a mere tease, I've never seen this one available)

One of the beers is always available on nitro and they serve one guest tap.


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