Lompoc / Cascade Lakes

I have a few beers to report on. First, I visited the New Old Lompoc, a brew pub on NW 23rd near Vaughn, the other day. They have $2 pints from 4-6 daily and all day on Tuesdays. I tried the pale ale and claim it satasfactory. They also have 2 IPAs I didn't try. One is double-hopped and the other is really really hoppy with 8 or so types of hops, accourding to the menu. I'm perplexed why they would need two, but perhaps a tasting would open my eyes. I'll leave that for your own investigation or another post.
I also tried Cascade Lakes' Rooster Tail Ale, it's a red ale that was fine, but not remarkable, I probably won't buy it again. Beer is nearly always better on draft. I think this might be especially true of this beer, the flavors really didn't stand out, and where's the head? You have to shake this shit to get a single bubble. I don't like a lot of carbination, but a little head is what I consider compulsory. My measure of a red American ale is Laurelwood's organic Free Range Red, who's delicale aroma and crisp, smokey flavor is unsurpassed, though I continue looking.
I love to buy Oregon beers though, and Cascade Lakes' bottle claims it's handcrafted in small quantities. The bottom of the six-pack carton has a typo that I find very reassuring. I'm sure Budwieser will soon label their bottles the coincidentally appropriate "The Kin of Beer" to emulate that microbrew mystique.
There are still a couple beers to report but I have to go to class now. Maybe, if I don't overindulge first I'll finish this when I get back home. It seems I somehow have more time for drinking beer than for writing about it. At the store I consistantly pick new beers to report on for you. You're Welcome! But after I get home and drink a couple of them I usually don't feel like typing this shit, but find myself more inclined to drink more beer. Beer Bloggin's no piece of cake, let me tell ya.


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