Widmer Broken Halo IPA

If you were in Portland yesterday you know the weather was supremely fantastic. I tried Widmer's Broken Halo IPA on the balcony with Felecia. I read Widmer first brewed it as a limited release but brought it back recently due to popular demand. It's happily hoppy in a way that is becoming more common, but is finely balanced unlike some superhopped beers I've tasted recently. The pleasant hop bite built up on my palate and when I finnally went to bed, my mind aldled by beer and pseudophedrine, I could still feel the bitterness on my tongue. In half sleep I floated through IPA-filled fields. It was fucking great. I'll never brush my teeth agian.

Felecia and I drank these as the sun sunk and wispy clouds grew pink. I'd forgotten how awesome the long evenings are as we near the solstice. Below is a picture of Broken Halo, which could easily have lived up to its name if it had fallen off the railing and landed on someone's head. But like all worthwhile pursuits, risk is intrinsic to achievement of a satasfying buzz.


Blogger Alise said...

That beer looks so proud and austere. I'm want to be that beer.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Arthur said...

The best IPA on the market. Hands down. Yummy yummy...
From silverton, Oregon

12:46 PM  

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