New Belgium

I woke up this morning with a severe aversion to light. This was mostly due to an overabundance of rich beer and a bottle of red. It really was worth the pain, but it all seems hard to reconcile in the morning. Felecia and I celebrated the beginning of the summer drinking season by having a beer on the balcony. The summer drinking season, or SDS, begins now and goes until it’s too cold to drink on the balcony. Then we start the winter drinking season, that’s usually when things get really serious. We picked up a six pack of New Belgium Brewery’s Biere de Mars, it’s a sweet, unfiltered red ale. Felecia said it tastes like caramel ice cream, but she’s loco. We also got New Belgium’s Trippel, a gingery Belgium style ale, with a single bottle of 1554 thrown in, which I’m slurpin’ down right now. So it’s sort of a New Belgium sampler. 1554’s my favorite, but the Biere de Mars is the prettiest beer ever.
Besides waking up feeling like my brain had been stomped, drinking all that beer and wine made me especially sensitive to the plight of the little African kid on the Constant Gardner, I think I cried. Drink at your own risk. I hate that African brat.


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