Budwieser and the Beer Monks

Felecia and I went to the Blue Moon tonight after a little walk around the neighborhood. It was my first time out of the house all day. I had an IPA that was smooth and unmemorable except that it was cloudy and unfiltered. McMenamins changes their IPA every few months. I went off on how amazingly strange looking it is until Felecia told me that I said exactly the same thing to her last time I ordered it. That's how married conversation goes and only illustrates why I need this beer journal. I can't keep track of my shit. Now I'm enjoying an Old Boardhead.
Ah... refreshing.

Since I posted last I've had a twelve pack of Black Butte Porter and a six pack of Henry Weinard's Classic Dark. The Black Butte is one of my favorites; and it’s grown on me since I first tried it a couple years ago. Something about dark beers is intensely satisfying in the same was as red wine or an afternoon blowjob from someone you love. It makes me feel warm and content. Sheaf's Stout does the same.
The Classic Dark is less flavorful, and although it’s black, it has a light character. It’s my favorite Henry's, but seems half-assed in comparison. I've been told that Henry's is now owned by Budweiser. They used to brew downtown in Portland but now their beer is all shipped here from Washington and California. Budweiser wants part of the craft beer market. Now they make Bud Select. I’d be embarrassed to buy it. Does this make me a snob? It seems like all the great artistic accomplishments in modern American beer have come from small breweries owned by ambitious but ambivalent drunks who really love hops AND malt. They had a vision of uniquely gorgeous and loving beer and made it a reality. Modern-day monks they are.

The Billboard down the street, or, A BUNCH O' BULLSHIT

Craft beer makes a statement for social justice. The worker deserves his or her pay. It’s about the quality of our lives. Budweiser is based on a philosophy that beer tastes bad, and should be made less beer-tasting, until they realized they're missing out on some cash. I say “Fuck that shit.”


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