Full Sail Brewery in Hood River OR makes a barley wine called Old Boardhead that I enjoy quit a lot. It's super hoppy with a crisp citris taste; its like a really chewy, superfreshIPA. The surface texture after the head melts off is syrupy like a malt liquor. Fred Meyer, the grocery store across the street, sells a big bottle, a pint and 9 oz I think, for $3.59 and the Handy Mart around the corner stocks it too. It's a lot of bang for your buck at over 9 alc./vol. Walking Man Brewing, right across the Columbia from Full Sail makes Knuckle Dragger, which is comparable. It was on tap at The Rose and Raindrop in Portland. I tried a new one the last week from Mad River Brewery in Hum bolt Co. CA called John Barleycorns Barleywine Style Ale. It's less hoppy and a little smokier. I'm afraid I couldn't tell you the IBU's or any brewmaster designations. It just makes me happy.
If you can find these beers I recommend all three. Let me know what you think. I got the Mad River one at Belmont Station in SE Portland, it's available at Liquid Solutions too.

The labels are from Cory and Nate's Beer Labels.


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