Deschutes Twilight Ale, IPA trials

The beer log has waited languorously the last few days as final week approaches and a semester of beer-enabled procrastination comes to term. The next days I’ll be writing about the Classic Maya collapse (or was it?), the scientific method (or is it?), and urban dystopia (it is).

Of recent interest in the world of Bridger’s beer drinking is Deschutes’ Twilight Ale. It’s light, noticeably hopped with a full fresh flavor, a little estery I’d say. I’m sure it’s designed by those marketing geniuses in Bend with to capture the summer market, and it’s a good fit. Here’s how Deschutes describes it on their website:

"Twilight Ale will be a happy passenger in your ice chest when floating the river, at concerts in the park or wherever your summer adventures take you. As you will soon discover, Twilight is best enjoyed when chilled and consumed outdoors."

Try it from a paper bag on W. Burnside, but make sure it’s properly chilled.

If you need something light and yellowish orange buy Twilight before, Pete’s Wicked Rallycap, Bluemoon, and Henry Wienard’s Summer Ale cause that shit sucks in my opinion.

Felecia got paid on Tuesday and we celebrated by investing her money in our first IPA-day. It began with a pitcher of C-Note Imperial IPA on the patio at the New Old Lompoc. C-Note is relatively dark, cloudy, and the beer definition of bitter; quite a contrast to the Broken Halo that keeps finding its way to my refrigerator. It’s boozy too, but the hops are so strong one can’t tell. The outside deck at Lompoc is great except for chicken smoking near the door to the kitchen. The chicken smoke kept wafting over our table and stinky chicken smoke smote my clothing. Or… That smoky chicken smoke sot and soaked my cloak with smoke (I’m sincerely sorry for making you read that, but it begged to be written).

This didn’t worry me until after my IPA induced 2 hour nap when I woke up groggy and smelling of burning bird flesh. Other IPA’s enjoyed that day were Broken Halo, predictably, and Deschute’s Inversion IPA. I’m sure no one reads this blog for my beer descriptions, so suffice to say this beer smells like Humboldt’s chief export.

Tonight I was inspired by some recent advice on SudsPundit and picked up Lagunitas’ IPA for a direct comparison to Deschutes’ Inversion IPA. It’ll be a rumble in the jungle that I might tell you about next time.

Soon school will be out and I’ll have time to log beers to my heart’s content. Until then…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The inversion IPA is pretty good..Lotto HOPS...Lotta Alc % too I could drink this until I had a headache..wait that is only 2 in to the session..session is awesome by the way...till Sat..puff..pufff

12:20 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Speaking of Humboldt's cheif export, have you tried the Amnesia Desolation IPA? It tastes like it was dry-hopped with pounds and pounds of dank. Damn good stuff!

5:10 PM  

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