A brief history

I've been hitting the sauce pretty hard the last few weeks, actually, for about as long as I can remember. [not long at all]

Beer is one of my chief passions. About three months ago I got stoned enough that I passed out without a drink, but I've been true to my habit ever since. One of my first memories is waddling off with my dad's budwieser, nude but diaper. A few things have changed since then: although I still often drink in my underwear, I don't run with beer in hand and I don't drink Budweiser except at Beavs game, where, by the 7th inning I usually have half of it on my shirt. I'm a little spoiled.

Hopefuly I've proven my love for a frothy cold one. This blog is where my slow but joyous slide to cirrosis can be documented. Come along with me, and by 40 maybe you too will be consistently slurring your words and too shaky to piss straight in the morning. That sounds great.


Anonymous Taylor said...

now that was like reading a great classic in literature...ah the passion that beer brings I here you and although its only 11am you have convinced me I need a beer!

9:55 AM  
Anonymous taylor said...

hear you...sorry my heads kinda cloudy...wonder why?

9:55 AM  

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